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It’s time to step up. And tech reporting has to adapt too.

Backed by the Financial Times, Sifted is about in-depth reporting on startup Europe for startup Europe.

From Bristol to Bucharest, our journalists go beyond the press release to find out what you didn’t know you needed to know.

We put the questions that don’t get asked to the people who should be asked.

We’re for anyone who wants the fuller picture. Because if you don’t know what’s happening right across Europe, you’re only half-informed.


Sifted. Because the future’s already here. Just not where you expected.


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The Team

  • John Thornhill

    Founder / Editorial Director

  • Caspar Woolley

    Founder / CEO

  • Editorial

  • Michael Stothard


  • Amy Lewin

    Deputy Editor

  • Maija Palmer

    Innovation Editor

  • Mimi Billing

    Senior Reporter

  • Isabel Woodford

    Senior Reporter

  • Marie Mawad

    Paris Correspondent

  • Kit Gillet

    Eastern Europe Correspondent

  • Miriam Partington

    Germany Correspondent

  • Tim Smith

    Iberia correspondent

  • Freya Pratty

    News Reporter

  • Connor Bilboe

    Editorial Assistant

  • Cecile Bussy

    Social Media Journalist

  • Isabella Pojuner

    Editorial Intern

  • Commercial

  • Helen Seidenberg

    Partnerships Director

  • Georgina Ustik

    Head of content

  • Laura Balboni

    Campaign manager

  • Hannah Baines

    Events Manager

  • Anuj Jivabhai

    Sales Executive

  • Ella Batham-Read

    Campaign Assistant

  • Intelligence Unit

  • Chris Sisserian

    Head of intelligence

  • Becca Lipman

    Intelligence Editor

  • Amelie Bahr

    intelligence Analyst

  • Emma Bakh

    Intelligence Analyst

  • Bill Leaver

    Product ANALYST

  • Marketing

  • Alice Hankin

    Marketing Manager

  • Oliver Spencer

    marketing consultant

  • Product

  • Francesco Bellanca

    Product Manager

  • Kai Nicol-Schwarz

    Editorial Lead (Membership)

  • Stuart Turner

    Software Engineer

  • Javier Romario

    Software Engineer

  • Faheem Patel

    Contract Software Engineer

Modern Journalism

Experience meets experimentation. The Financial Times’ innovation editor John Thornhill leads a team of journalists who believe that European tech matters.

Bringing experience from the FT, Courier, Di Digital, Al Jazeera and Forbes, our mission is to tell your untold stories in engaging new ways, and to share with you must-read content wherever we find it.

Our HQ in London connects a network of correspondents across Europe.

European Entrepreneurialism

At Sifted we will make the case for the importance of European tech startups, and the value of a differentiated European approach that charts a course between the techno-libertarianism of California and the digital authoritarianism of China.

The energy, ideas, and ambition on display all across Europe deserve to be heard around the world. Our aim is to be the voice of this community of European startup entrepreneurs.

Supportive Community

Community isn’t a one-way conversation. We want you to hear from you.

Collaboration is the key to Europe’s edge. Tell us what you want to read, who you want to meet, and how your experience and insight can benefit others. We’ll help you make meaningful connections across the European tech community.

This is your story. Help us tell it.

Exciting Innovation

At Sifted, we’re for leaders, for pioneers and technologists. We’re also for anyone interested in cutting-edge innovation across Europe.

That’s why we’re deep-diving into Europe’s pools of research and expertise to explore and surface companies in emerging areas of technology which don’t always get the profile they deserve. From blockchain to biotech, fintech to factories of the future, we are inspecting these topics from new angles and uncovering innovation wherever there’s a spark.