Introducing Sifted Membership

We’re launching a paid membership model to accelerate the next stage of our expansion.

By John Thornhill

Our new paid membership model provides unlimited access to our exclusive member content, including sector deep dives, valuation analyses and investor surveys, as well as member-only events.

We launched Sifted in 2019 to provide the most insightful coverage of Europe’s fast-evolving startup world. With a team of 11 journalists across the region, we provide grown up reporting on startup Europe.

Backed by the Financial Times but run as a separate venture, Sifted has quickly grown to become a must-read for European entrepreneurs and an indispensable platform for investors, as well as bigger and more innovative companies. To accelerate our future expansion, Sifted is now launching a paid membership model.

“We founded Sifted to give a voice to a remarkable new generation of European entrepreneurs determined to improve the world. Please join us.” — John Thornhill, Sifted Founder

Our next steps are to deepen our reporting network, produce more exclusive investor surveys and in-depth market analyses and host more online (for now) member events. Becoming a monthly, annual or founding member gives you access to a variety of Sifted’s suite of products.

Keep your eyes peeled for discounts on our membership packages — make sure you sign up to our range of newsletters so you don’t miss them!

We’re excited by how far we’ve come and where we’re going at Sifted. If you like what we’re doing then please join us by becoming a member and helping to build startup Europe, together.

If you have any other questions about Sifted membership, do contact us at [email protected].

John Thornhill, Sifted Founder

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Amirah Elaine
Amirah Elaine

It seems worthwhile but for someone in orientation stage or starting up from scratch thr monthly fee in unduable. Their shoyld be at least a 2 or 3 months free membership for people who prove to be f.e. in pre seed stage. For pensionados like thr mr. from India, get him to share his knowledge in exchange for a membership. Look for collaboration with f.e. female entrepeneur stimulators like Impulse4women and give women like me a chance to get some real quality information.


I would like to try it for 30 days before paying

sam path kumar
sam path kumar

Iam from India , a retired executive.I am reading all your artices for knowedge sake only and wouldnt be able to pay.

Mahendra K Shukla
Mahendra K Shukla

At the moment, I am unable to be a paid member as I am putting all my resources in the new venture.

Arnout Mostert
Arnout Mostert

I think Sifted should offer complimentary access to entrepreneurs such as Mahendra!